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Commercial Infrared Inspections -Speed Of Light Electric, Los Angeles

Speed of Light Industrial is a #1 choice when it comes to commercial infrared inspections. Certified, licensed, bonded we are  highly-skilled with the electrical expertise required to perform non-invasive inspection work. Providing high tech building inspection services for commercial and industrial properties we deliver top-notch quality service, satisfaction guaranteed.  

Who Needs Commercial Infrared Inspections

If you’re considering moving into a new space and are trying to determine the health of the building’s electrical systems, then you might be in need of commercial infrared inspections. Electrical panels, circuit breakers and wiring problems can easily be seen with thermal imaging. If the circuit breaker or wiring is overloaded, it will be plainly visible with a thermal infrared camera.

Types of Commercial Infrared Inspections

We offer a comprehensive and complete office property inspection and  pre-acquisition industrial or commercial infrared inspection. Inspections include property and equipment condition assessment and phased construction monitoring. We provide commercial building assessments, commercial property inspections, office inspections, shop and warehouse inspections.

Why Commercial Infrared Inspections?

Infrared thermography is a quick, efficient and comprehensive method of detecting electrical problems and a host of other vital infrastructure inner workings such as plumbing, moisture from leaks, and structural defects. The tool used is an infrared camera which distinctive imaging shows precise locations of issues eliminating the need to tear through walls to inspect. Commercial infrared inspections guide the inspector directly to the critical repair issues, allowing him to make immediate diagnosis.

Working with Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors in Los Angeles Offers

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  • Efficiency 
  • Cost Effectiveness 
  • Highest Safety Protocols
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Our technicians are certified and trained to install, repair and relocate all electronic systems, equipment and machines. With 25 years of industrial electrical experience our highly qualified professionals provide top-notch service.

When you call a commercial electrical company near me you are getting 25+ years of industrial electric service experience. When you contract with Speed of Light Industrial you get more than just a licensed electrician, you get a team of detail oriented experienced professionals. 

Advantages of Thermal Infrared Thermography

  • Detection of Construction Defects
  • Captures Building Material Quality, Electrical and Air Filtration Systems in Real Time
  • Provides Accurate Measurements in Difficult to Reach or Dangerous Areas 
  • Gives Expansive Snapshot and Visual Imagery Comparing Temperature Differences 
  • Building inspection Tool to Locate Hidden Problems


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Reasons To Call Speed of Light Industrial for Your Commercial Infrared Inspections

  • Emergency Electrical Service
  • Fast Reliable Service 
  • Certified Electricians
  • Bonded and Insured
  • Experienced Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation
  • Thousands of Commercial/Industrial Jobs Completed 

With 25+ Years Experience Speed of Light Industrial is a Leading Commercial Electrical Services Expert in the Los Angeles Area. 

  • Industrial Projects
  • Factories 
  • Industrial Parks
  • Hospitals 
  • Schools 
  • Hotels 
  • Restaurants 
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Office Complexes
  • New Construction 
  • Commercial Heavy & Medium Machinery

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