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With 25+ years experience, Speed of Light Industrial has vast technical know-how, thousands of completed projects and has become a well respected name and highly valued among commercial electric companies in California. We have a friendly staff of certified highly trained professional technicians ready to provide you with expert assistance on your next electrical system monitoring project. 

Speed of Light Industrial is a top choice when it comes to electrical system monitoring. Certified, licensed, bonded and insured we deliver top-notch quality service, site testing of electrical systems, components, and machinery

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Electrical System Monitoring

If you are in facility management and are seeking a team of electrical system monitoring experts to manage your equipment look no further. There is nothing worse than losing valuable time and shrinking company productivity from faulty machinery. Reduce downtime and meet stringent safety codes and regulation with our full service industrial automation electrical system and testing services. 

Regularly scheduled maintenance is an efficient cost-effective method and best business practice to manage your electrical infrastructure.

Electrical System Monitoring The Benefits

A power monitoring system offers an easy secure way to automatically retrieve and analyze power quality events. Unlike building automation software, which by design counts the number of events, a power monitoring system extracts event forensics. And unlike bundled software, a power monitoring system automatically flags significant events with the potential to cause damage within your system or facility. It allows the team to observe equipment performance, discover underlying mechanical or electrical problems and assess power consumption.

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Our technicians are certified and trained to install, repair and relocate all electronic systems, equipment and machines. With 25 years of industrial electrical experience our highly qualified professionals provide top-notch service.

Electrical System Monitoring

Problems happen everyday but identifying and locating an electrical problem fast is what separates a manageable problem from a real expensive headache. And one way to figure out what has gone wrong is to do an electrical load monitoring test to collect data on power quality, quantity used.

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Electrical System Monitoring Reasons to Install

Have you ever had premature failure of key equipment within your facility? A power monitoring system can read deep into your processes and clarify if your motors, pumps, transformers, control devices or any other electrical-type equipment are susceptible. 

Have you ever had nuisance tripping or unexplained resetting of control devices? Do you have a programmable logic controller (PLC) or distributed control system (DCS) that automatically resets or cycles power? Or maybe a circuit breaker that trips for what seems to be no reason? These issues can negatively affect your facility and day-to day operations investing in an electrical system  can be a game changer. 

Our technicians are ready and able to install, repair and relocate all electronic systems, equipment and machines. If you need a reputable commercial electrical company near me to install or maintain electrical systems give us a call for a free estimate. We test extensively to ensure all systems are up to code and meet the requirements demanded by day to day business production.

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