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EV Charging Station Installation

EV Charging Station Installation -Speed Of Light Electric, Los Angeles

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Looking for commercial electrical contractors who know EV charging station installation? Look no further. Speed of Light Industrial is a top choice when it comes to electrical industrial contractors. Certified, licensed, bonded and insured we deliver top-notch quality service, satisfaction guaranteed.

Electric cars are selling more and more everyday and instead of gassing up people need options to charge up. Which option is best?

EV Charging Station Installation

Public electric vehicle charging stations known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) are available in 3 levels. They come in both portable plug-in style units and direct wire units. A Speed of Light Industrial technician will assess your location and suggest the best option for your needs. Our industrial electric service

technician will support you every step of the way from design and build to install completion.

EV Charging Station Installation Level 1:   120V

A Level 1 unit is quite simple. It uses a standard household 120-volt 20-amp circuit and is common in most residential and commercial garages. Automobiles come with Level 1 cables, which plug into a standard wall socket, much like plugging in your phone or laptop. It is the cheapest option but takes far longer to charge up than Level 2 or 3 units.

Charging Time: 8-12 hours, depending on car battery

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EV Charging Station Installation Level 2:   240V

A Level 2 unit uses a 240-volt on a 40 to 100-amp circuit which is the same as an electric stove or dryer. These are not commonly found in residential garages but are common in commercial garages. These units charge much faster than a Level 1 (reduces charging time by almost half) and depending on the current electrical setup, might entail the installation of an added circuit to handle the added energy load. The charging port designs come in both direct wire and portable plug-in style. Because they have ten times the charging speed as a Level 1 unit they are the most common type found in public parking lots.

Charging Time: 4-6 hours

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Our technicians are certified and trained to install, repair and relocate all electronic systems, equipment and machines. With 25 years of industrial electrical experience our highly qualified professionals provide top-notch service.

EV Charging Station Installation Level 3

This super efficient unit is designed strictly for commercial use. It is lightning fast charging about three times as fast a Level 2 unit. They work by overriding the vehicle’s onboard charger and supplying power directly to the battery. Cost for this unit is higher than the other levels and it requires highly trained expert commercial electrical contractors to install.

Charging Time:  20-30 minutes for 80% charge

Electric vehicles are trending high and demonstrating the wave of the future. To get started with your own charging station call on trusted electricians Los Angeles to ensure a safe installation. We obtain your Industrial electrical permits, design, upgrade circuitry and install your station.

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EV Charging Station Repair & Service in Los Angeles

We don’t just do the EV charging station installation, if you are experiencing any difficulty call us for repair. Our team of experienced service electricians Los Angeles will come to assess and identify the problem. To ensure that your equipment is operating properly, and safely. We offer low cost electric vehicle automatic recurring EV charging station service contract programs at various intervals that are cost-effective and affordable.

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