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Speed of Light Industrial is a #1 choice when it comes to commercial kitchen installation. Certified, licensed, bonded and insured we deliver top-notch quality service, satisfaction guaranteed.

Whether you’re moving into a new space and are at the point where you are considering lighting solutions, or it’s just time to update the existing lights you presently have, commercial kitchen installation is a job for more than just a licensed electrician, you need a forward thinking experienced commercial electric services company.

When you call a commercial electrical company near me you are getting 25+ years of industrial electric service experience. Speed of Light Industrial employs a team of highly qualified professionals that provide superior service.

Working with Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors in Los Angeles Offers

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Commercial Kitchen Installation: Lighting Solutions

Commercial kitchen installations have never been easier to design. Today’s available fixtures are stylish, sleek, energy efficient and just plain cool. Whether you have a new construction project, a renovation or simple fixture replacement job, rest assured our onsite commercial electrical contractor will provide you with an array of cost effective cutting edge commercial kitchen lighting solutions. Options ideal for commercial kitchen applications that are easy to clean and meet all safety code requirements. 

Contemporary high performance designs for mid to high ceiling height applications, low-glare lighting with high levels of downlight vertical illumination to provide safe, comfortable lighting in a fully sealed and easily cleanable suspended luminaire.

Among the options are commercial-grade LED lighting. Ideal for prepping and cooking they shed quite a bit of light on things and all without taking you to the bank with high energy bills. Your Speed of Light Industrial project manager can help guide you through the possibilities that fit your space and budget.

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Our technicians are certified and trained to install, repair and relocate all electronic systems, equipment and machines. With 25 years of industrial electrical experience our highly qualified professionals provide top-notch service.

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  • Experienced Commercial Kitchen Design and Installation
  • Thousands of Commercial/Industrial Jobs Completed

Having the right light fixtures can change the entire look and function of your commercial kitchen. Strong and sturdy waterproof light fixtures are perfect for over the sink or even the stove where things are liable to get damp with steam and water. Being able to see well, read recipes, orders and examine produce and ingredients with ease and confidence is vital. So getting it right the first time, during the design phase, is one of the most important aspects of your overall upgrade or construction project.

Proper illumination of the work area is valuable on so many levels but so is safety. We guarantee any kitchen light fixture installation will include a full scale safety assessment. From your electrical panel, breakers and wiring to your outlets we will let you know if your existing electrical system can sustain the new fixtures being installed.


With 25+ Years Experience Speed of Light Industrial is a Leading Commercial Electrical Services Expert in the Los Angeles Area.

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