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Outlet Repair -Speed Of Light Electric, Los Angeles

Speed of Light Industrial is a top choice when it comes to outlet repair. Certified, licensed, bonded and insured we deliver top-notch quality service, satisfaction guaranteed.

Replacing an existing outlet with an equivalent or an upgrade is a simple job for a licensed electrician. How do you know when it’s time to call a commercial electrical company near me? Below are three quick easy troubleshooting steps to help determine what’s wrong and if you need outlet repair.

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Outlet Repair Step One: Short Circuits

Check for signs of a short circuit or other obvious faults like scorch marks, melted plastic, or even something more troublesome like a buzzing sound or sizzling noise. Hold your hand near the outlet without touching it. If it gives off a little heat, then this is a clear sign of a problem in the outlet and or the connected wiring. Turn off the affected circuit or fuse in the breaker box and call us immediately as this could lead to a fire.

Outlet Repair -Speed Of Light Electric, Los Angeles

Outlet Repair Step Two: Faulty GFCI

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI outlet is used for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere there is a high possibility of water making contact with electricity. Essentially this outlet contains a tiny, yet highly sensitive fuse that is built into the outlet itself. Anytime there is a fault or a power surge, it trips. The  tiny little light lets you know the current state of the outlet. If it’s red, then you need to push the little button on the face of the outlet to get it to work again.

If it immediately trips again, then the GFCI is telling you there is something more serious going on with the wiring or the workings of the outlet itself which requires electrical industrial contractors, specifically trained to uncover the cause of the situation. If this does occur call our office for an immediate appointment with a technician.

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Our technicians are certified and trained to install, repair and relocate all electronic systems, equipment and machines. With 25 years of industrial electrical experience our highly qualified professionals provide top-notch service.

Outlet Repair Step Three: Breaker Switch

Electrical currents flow through the entire circuit and when the switch flips (similar to how fuses use to burn out), it partially flips the switch to break the circuit connection. The flip interrupts the flow of energy and avoids a potential fire. Breakers flip for any number of reasons, but they are always safety related. Sometimes it’s a faulty device or appliance or maybe the outlet capacity has been exceeded and there is an overload to the circuit. If you have continuous trips then perhaps you need an Amp upgrade. Circuit breaker installation & replacement is something that needs commercial electrical contracting, call now for free electrical estimates.

The installation of a new outlet is the perfect time to consider using a receptacle with special features, such as swiveling outlets, tamper-resistance, USB charging ports, GFCI or a weather-proof cover. A Speed of Light Industrial expert technician can present different options and help you choose the best solution for your project.

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